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News Release
-Wayne Madden, Database Modernization

Wayne Madden Joins Database Modernization Advocacy with inFORM Decisions -

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, July 9, 2013-inFORM Decisions (www.informdecisions.com),
a leading provider of IBM i document automation and database modernization solutions, is pleased to announce that Wayne Madden, IBM i veteran and owner of Madden Business Development, has joined their efforts to educate the market on the benefits of database modernization.

Wayne Madden kicks off his partnership with inFORM Decisions as the keynote speaker for the webinar 'Moving From DDS to DDL(SQL) - A Value Bet' where he will be presenting how companies can win big with database modernization and explain the price of doing nothing. The webinar is scheduled for July 23, at 12pm EST. Register here: https://ifdevents.webex.com/ifdevents/onstage/g.php?t=a&d=669039463

A long-standing member of the IBM i community, Wayne began his career in IT, working on both the System/38 and the System/36 as a system operator. Since then he has been in multiple other technical roles, written many articles and published multiple books on the subject. Additionally, Wayne has been committed to the IBM i platform through his involvement in COMMON, where he served on COMMON's Board of Directors and as Vice President and then President.

"As someone who shares with the IBM i community a great passion for the platform, I believe that moving to and committing to DDL/SQL is the most significant decision that an IBM i customer must consider today," said Wayne Madden, President, Madden Business Development. "Not only does migrating to SQL represent the foundation that can preserve your companies commitment to the platform, but this it is also key to effective and ongoing application modernization and agility."

"We're pleased that Wayne Madden is joining the cause to educate the market on database modernization," comments Dan Forster, President of inFORM Decisions, "It is clear that the performance improvements, the ability to meet new business demands, and the overall savings that can be found by migrating DDS databases to DDL/SQL allows companies to benefit greatly by staying on the IBM i platform. It's exciting to see advocates like Wayne join our efforts to educate the market on these benefits."

Join inFORM Decisions and Wayne Madden on the upcoming webinar 'Moving From DDS to DDL(SQL) - A Value Bet' on July 23rd at 12pm EST.

For more information, contact inFORM Decisions at (800) 585-5544 or visit www.informdecisions.com.

About inFORM Decisions
inFORM Decisions specializes in document automation and modernization solutions for IBM i (iSeries). inFORM's acclaimed iDocs Suite make it easy to design, add intelligence, archive and/or intelligently distribute electronic documents, reports and checks to laser printers, fax, or email (in popular formats like PDF, Excel, RTF, HTML, TEXT and more). The company distributes the database modernization solution, Adsero Optima Foundation, to facilitate and automate the migration of all legacy (ISAM or DDS) databases to the latest DDL (SQL/SQE) implementation of DB2 on IBM i. To learn more, visit www.informdecisions.com or call 949.709.5838.

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