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 Adsero Optima Foundation

-Immediate, low risk, non-disruptive exploitation of the native
                         SQL database engine

AO Foundation
From DDS to DDL on the iSeries - Power Systems

Product Description: 
AO provides an immediate, low risk, non-disruptive exploitation of the native SQL database engine. It is extremely important to recognize that if your installation has not yet adopted the SQL (DDL/SQE) engine as your primary DB2 for i interface and is still primarily using the ISAM (DDS/CQE) engine for database access, you are using the leading high volume commercial OLTP platform severely shackled and constrained.
Read Alex Woodie's article "TEMBO Sets Out to Save IBM i with Database Modernization" as it appeared in IT Jungle. Alex Woodie's article TEMBO Sets Out to Save IBM i with Database Modernization
AO Foundation customer value
  • Solid foundation for future modernization projects
  • Your database now presents itself as modern to the outside world and your end users
  • AO Foundation removes the tedium and error-prone repetition out of upgrading to the SQL (SQE) engine, allowing you to focus on value adding aspects of application modernization
  • No "vendor lock-in" - we deliver your database back completely under your control
  • No Level ID changes during Phase 1 of database upgrade process, hence no recompilation of ANY code.
  • Massive potential performance benefits
  • FULL, native IBM i based management of your ISAM and SQL database(s) on DB2 for i
  • Gradual, non-disruptive roadmap
  • Unshackled applications, unlocking the full value of your IT investments
  • Multi-Tier architecture

Why SQL Engine?
  1. The DB2 SQL engine has been the foundation of all developments and enhancements to IBM i (and predecessors) since 2000.
  2. In a highly competitive business environment it is all about AGILITY - the DB2 SQL engine enables that.
  3. It offers up-to-date database documentation and access to leading database modeling tools.
  4. It is the strategic database interface for the industry (standards compliancy).
  5. It allows you to present a modern database to the outside world, and to your users, with meaningful longer file (table) and field (column) names, which is a foundational requirement for Analytics.
  6. It is the foundation for any real, lasting application modernization and agility responding to DB change requests.
  7. It ensures:
    • data integrity
    • improved Return on Investment
    • reduction in costs, speed to respond
    • massive increase in performance
    • openness
    • skills availability

AO Foundation Solution:  The fundamental requirement in the first phase of implementation, is to upgrade as much as possible to a high performing, native SQL (DDL) database, excluding unsupported constructs (see AO Website for details), without ANY LVL ID changes.
  • Evolution, not revolution.
  • One File, one library, one database or one system at a time.
  • Facilitate AGILITY!
  • Enable ANALYTICS!
  • Long file and field names "out of the box", depending on internal practices.
  • Allowing any combination of ISAM and SQL to co-exist.
  • No to low Risk.
  • Gradual, non-disruptive roadmap.
  • Regain control of your database(s).
  • Gradual sanitation of your database(s).
  • Gradual consolidation of your Metadata.
  • Regain control of your Metadata.
  • Gradually enhance/enrich your Metadata ala OA Metadata Consortium.
  • Native leveraged SQL database.
  • Central management of Database Indexing Strategy.
  • FULL, native management of your ISAM (CQE) and SQL (SQE) database(s) on DB2 for i.
  • Non-invasive, incremental roadmap.
Once the initial upgrade is facilitated, the database(s) can then gradually, incrementally improved and sanitized, focusing on ROI the entire time.

How to upgrade to native SQL Engine
Due to the perceived risk and complexity, most IBM i installations internationally have continued to use the ISAM (DDS/CQE) engine as their primary database access method. This has certainly added to the perception that the platform is legacy, whilst it is in fact probably the most advanced implementation of the DB2 database engine. We as installed base, however, have been guilty of severely hampering and constraining our systems as a result, causing our system to be perceived as old, unyielding and legacy. It is entirely feasible for you to upgrade from the ISAM to SQL engine with:
  • Little to no disruption
  • Little to no risk
  • Gradually (one file, library, database or system at a time)
  • Without the use of Surrogates
  • Non-invasively
  • Easily
  • And with no need to recompile your code (No LVLID changes)!!!
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