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From the desk of Dan Forster
Dan ForsterWelcome to inFORM Decision's 2nd installment of our Product/News Bulletin

Great stuff has been happening in the past few months.
iDocs SmartRouter was announced at this year's COMMON in Reno, Nevada. Dennis Fletcher, industry analyst for IFD and IBM i publications, has contributed an interesting Case Study regarding this intelligent report/document routing module below.

Valuable improvements have been made to iView, our web based document archive and retrieval module.  iView continues to be the least expensive, best bang-for-the-buck, web based archive module for storing and retrieving documents in the iSeries arena today. If you're a customer of ours, you already own half of the solution, so snapping on iView will save even more money.

To our valued Computer Guidance Customers (CGC), take a look at Ken Kramer's latest write-up below.  Based on feedback from a number of CGC customers, our document management solution is faster, more flexible and easier to use. We believe CMS users can, and should, stand up for their right to be able to generate spool files, continue using CMS and our products.

Our popular little Check-Secure(TM) device - removable, programmable signature security - now supports USB connection to laser printers.  A long time in the making but finally here!

As always, we recommend reviewing the Enhancements & Bug Fixes section.  This section details the latest release versions, bug fixes & enhancements since the last Product Bulletin.

Keep in mind most of our document management modules are "snap-on". You already own most of the code needed to take advantage of these inexpensive modules to email, fax, archive, PDF, ACH (ePay) or Positive pay.  All you need is an unlock code, and you can expand your cost savings for going even more paperless.

If you run one or more laser printers or other digital devices and are not ordering supplies from us, take a look at Erin's Corner to see how you can save money on printer supplies & more.

Lastly, please take a couple minutes to let us know how we can do better. Fill out our survey at the end of this Product Bulletin and receive a Starbucks gift card.
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Dan Forster
inFORM Decisions

Computer Guidance NewsCGCarticle
 Written by Ken Kramer

According to the latest CGC announcements, CMS version 3.4.3 S
P 6 or later will now be supported through 2012.  This version still allows for both graphical (through Web facing) and green screen technologies.  It also still supports spool files. CMS 3.4.3 users will continue to be able to utilize our electronic forms process without interruption.   Read on

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CasestudyCase Study: inFORM Decisions, with the help of Tom Mann & Associates, launches their new iDocs SmartRouter(TM) 1.0
Contributor: Dennis Fletcher

Intelligent Document Processing is taken to a new level with a
menu-driven tool to filter, direct and re-direct spooled reports and business documents.

inFORM teamed up with business partner, Tom Mann & Associates (TMA)
to develop SmartRouter,  a user-friendly solution that provides step-by-step menus to define conditions and tests to draw out specific pages of spool files to be directed to specified targets
Learn more
Check SecureCheckSecureWe are pleased to announce that Check-Secure NOW   
supports USB connectivity. 

Check-Secure is a user-friendly removable, programmable device with memory cards (keys) that can be programmed with forms, signatures, logos, barcode fonts and really, any HP PCL compatible files.

To add this unbreakable level of security to your check printing operations, click here or call Orlando Ferrer at (800) 858-5544 ext. 104.

Survey Take our 5 Minute SStarbucks giftcardurvey
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& Bug Fixes

Click here for the latest release versions, bug fixes & enhancements.

For a specific solution,
click on one of the below solutions.

Document Automation Solutions

iDocs 5.0
iForms 5.0
iMAP 1.8.0
iMail 5.0
iFAX 11.0
iPDF 3.0
iView 5.20
iDriver 4.00
iBridge 2.15
iSweeper 1.0

Banking Automation Solutions

iChecks 5.0
iACH 2.0
Positive Pay 5.0
Reconciliation 5.0
Check Secure 4.0

Please contact us if you have any questions.
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Hi everyone.
I'm excited to announce we now provide a broad range of specialized products at competitive prices for our software customers.
Let me try to consolidate all your printer supplies purchases.

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