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APEX - Best Document Automation System

iDocs awarded EXCELLENT product recognition by Midrange ComputinginFORM Decisions' iDocs Wins the 2004 iSeries Apex Readers' Choice Award iDocs

About inFORM Decisions

-The Electronic Document Specialists

inFORM Decisions was founded in 1994 to provide simple AS/400 native
utilities to address the growing need to efficiently manage paper.
Electronic Document Output applications, re-mapped forms and reports,
MICR checks, faxing applications, bar code applications, document
archive-retrieval, signature pad applications, etc. have all exploded
in recent years. The promise of a paperless office, though contended is
actually still evolving and catching on in popularity, not only because
of the cost savings to organizations but to the incredible contribution
to the environment. It saves trees !

inform Decisions is committed to play a major
role in delivering the promise of a paperless office by delivering
solutions that reign in runaway forms and documents and get workflow
under control. The company initially developed software to manage heavy
workloads of output jobs like laser forms, laser checks and formatted
reports on a daily basis. Focus was on providing significant savings to
enterprises in the cost and management of pre-printed business forms,
other documents and reports.

In the late Nineties, the
availability of Internet technologies meant consumers and B2B
professionals could expect their business information to be delivered
as easily as an email attachment. Web site stores, information portals,
and automated fax delivery to an email address -- these and other new
modes of delivery demanded attention and are now part of inFORM’s
product line.

Product Direction
The product direction for inFORM's
development team since 2002 has been to create user-friendly tools that
allow the organization to control its own document generation and
delivery processes. Product development had focused on tools that are
easily to learn and use, eliminating the need to go to a third party to
edit or modify forms of any kind.

A guiding principle at IFD is
the building in of intelligence into all elements of the product line.
For example, IFD's iViewTM document management product is a remotely
accessible, self-serve web portal for secure document archive-retrieval.

intelligence also enhances the company's Smart RoutingTM function to
provide better automated methods to auto-burst, auto-sort and
auto-deliver reports, forms, checks and transactions based on
pre-defined user conditions.

A second guiding principle in
product development, is to leverage the availability of the Web
wherever possible. Latest software enhancements include utilizing
Web-displayed forms posted with the company's iDocsTM software, or
hand-developed with iDocs DesignerTM and posted to the Web for data
entry, delivery to specified users and to initiate logic-based business

Telephone Support
7:00am - 5:00pm PST
except holidays

Why IFD is the Best Choice?
  • Clear focus: Document and Banking Automation
  • Loyal long-term customer relationships (over 10 years)
  • Reputation for caring service
  • Guiding development principles: ease of use, openness with other applications
  • Award Winning Software that is IBM Server Proven
  • 14 Years of customer service in Americas/Europe    
  • Save time, money and trees.

IBM Platforms

AS/400, iSeries, i5, System i and Power Server

System Requirements
OS/400 V5R1 or above

Annual contract available
Begins when installed product accepted
Provides technical assistance and maintenance releases
Take advantage of ongoing improvements
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FAQ knowledge base
Reduced support rates
Disaster Recovery

Product Demonstrations
Available upon request

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