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iDocs awarded EXCELLENT product recognition by Midrange ComputinginFORM Decisions' iDocs Wins the 2004 iSeries Apex Readers' Choice Award iDocs

News Release
-inFORM Introduces iCapture -
Advanced Document and Data Capture for iSeries

iCapture replaces iScan as inFORM's core document scanning and capture engine front-end for intelligent document capture, storage and retrieval -

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, May 29, 2012 - inFORM Decisions, a leading provider of iSeries document and payment automation solutions announces a major upgrade to its iScan document-capture product, which it has renamed as iCapture. With its significantly expanded data-capture and search optimization capabilities, users will experience a dramatic increase in document indexing intelligence functions and configuration options. In addition, iCapture minimizes the need for product customization and third-party utilities.

The advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) capabilities allow data capture of nearly any type of scanned image into meaningful metadata text. Even hand-printed information can be reliably recognized for metadata purposes because of the product's built-in Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) functions. This allows search indexing to be created on virtually any information that is contained in a scanned document.

An Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) engine within iCapture intelligently uses scripts or pattern-match logic to create or enhance data recognition accuracy when creating search metadata from a scanned document. ADE virtually eliminates the need to hand-key metadata information, thereby increasing accuracy and reducing document processing time. And, because ADE is paired with iCapture's advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities, the product can auto-extract complex data structures and information from even disparate documents to further enhance document archiving and searching capabilities.

The robust new capabilities of iCapture allow inFORM's iView iSeries archive and retrieval solution to be connected to any type and number of scanning devices or other content inputs - regardless of platform. With iCapture, users can scan documents with PC-connected devices that exist outside of the IBM i environment. The scanned content is automatically routed to iCapture for processing, thus eliminating the need for dedicated 5250 sessions for scanning documents that are to be archived within iView.

Says Dan Forster, president of inFORMdecisions: "By integrating a host of next-generation document and data capture features with this latest upgrade of iScan we have taken intelligent metadata creation to an entirely new level within the industry. It is particularly exciting to see that these powerful new search indexing features, along with the ability to connect PC-scanners to our iView archiving solutions without 5250 sessions, make it very easy and affordable for multi-department enterprise to centralize their entire scan, archival and retrieval needs on the ever-reliable IBM i."

Additional features of iCapture:

  • Sophisticated new batch processing capabilities streamline the indexing and archiving of large scanning jobs with better data recognition and reduced errors.
  • Previously scanned content, whether existing on the IBM i or not, can be routed to iCapture via its "hot folder" capability, which creates searchable metadata from any content in the previously scanned document.
  • Any type of content, whether originating within the IBM i or not, can be search-indexed by iCapture and archived for fast retrieval in iView. This includes email, faxes and application-generated documents and reports.
  • A wide variety of data-capture features are included with iCapture, which reduces product customization requirements and minimizes the need to purchase third-party document-processing utilities.
  • iCapture not only provides seamless integration to inFORM Decisions' iView archive/retrieval solution, but also to its iDocs solution for monitoring iSeries spool files, database files or XML data in order to process and route electronic documents based on user-defined business rules. In addition, there is seamless integration to over 50 different Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management Systems (DMS), including SharePoint, Documentum and more.
  • Powerful Adobe PDF support includes PDF form-field-to-index field mapping upon import, PDF compression upon output, PDF password upon output, PDF bookmarking for hierarchical structures, PDF versioning, and more for iSeries PDF creation.

About inFORM Decisions
inFORM Decisions specializes in providing native electronic document and payment automation solutions for IBM i, System i, AS/400, iSeries and IBM Power Systems. inFORM's acclaimed iDocs Suite make it easy to design, add intelligence, archive and/or intelligently distribute electronic documents, reports and checks to laser printers, fax, or email (in popular formats like PDF, Excel, RTF, HTML, TEXT and more). inFORM was one of the first IBM Business Partners to implement a comprehensive e-document distribution system powered by intelligent routing capabilities for fax, email, archive-retrieval and laser print. The company's products are organized into two product families, compatible with more than 30 popular brands of IBM i application software. In addition, inFORM offers iSeries printer hardware and consumables. An IBM Business Partner since 1998, inFORM's worldwide headquarters are located in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. To learn more, visit www.informdecisions.com or call 949.709.5838.

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