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iDocs awarded EXCELLENT product recognition by Midrange ComputinginFORM Decisions' iDocs Wins the 2004 iSeries Apex Readers' Choice Award iDocs

News Release

-inFORM Decisions Reports Strong Growth in 2008

Demand for document automation and banking automation solutions remained strong throughout 2008.


  • Exceeded revenue and profitability goals for 2008
  • 3rd year of increased revenues in document automation
  • Announced significant product improvements for 2009
  • Converted to Fully Green operation
  • Implemented IFD Green Page with guidance to go green
  • Forged alliance with Arbor Day Foundation

Reno, NV - COMMON Conference & Expo - April 26, 2009 - inFORM Decisions, leading provider of document and banking automation solutions, reported exceeding their revenue and profitability goals for 2008 in a market defined by demands for rapid Return on Investment for IT expenditures. The company's document and banking automation solutions eliminate paperwork throughout the enterprise, significantly decreasing costs in report, document and check writing operations while improving security and compliance. inFORM experienced a third straight year of revenue and profitability growth in 2008 with both product groups being well-received and adopted by users of the IBM System i/Power System servers running on the IBM i platform. Product development process improvements; thus product improvements, and a new customer-focused product bulletin delivered enhanced document processing capabilities to users of the company's Document and Banking product groups. Additionally, IFD converted their internal operations to support environmental protection and launched their IFD Green Page as a resource for other organizations planning to go green. An alliance with Arbor Day Foundation was formed to support reforestation in the US and strengthen relationships with inFORM's clients.

inFORM Decisions was founded in 1994 to provide powerful solutions to address the growing need to efficiently manage paper workloads in all aspects of the enterprise. inFORM is dedicated to helping their clients to electronically manage and distribute custom forms, reports and checks; and to automate funds transmissions with improved security.

Relevance to the Economy
"A recent internal company survey shows that inFORMís Document and Banking Automation solutions are producing payback periods of two to six months," reports Dan Forster, inFORM Decisions President. "Once paperwork is significantly reduced, and the initial investment is paid for, these savings drop straight to the bottom line. These rapid investment payback periods are a healthy sign for our industry and highlight an important area where iSeries shops can make a significant contribution to their companies' profitability."

Going Green
Orlando Ferrer, Operations Manager, managed the company's effort to become more environmentally sensitive in 2008. "After a careful review of our own operations, we mapped a plan for successfully converting from a carbon-wasting organization with no thought of its affect on the environment to a company with a minimal impact on the world around us including a much smaller carbon footprint."

The policies and decisions that supported inFORM's new green operation are described in its IFD Green Page (www.informdecisions.com/trees).

"Our clients benefit in two ways," continues Ferrer, "first, there's the obvious benefit where document and banking automation solutions drastically reduce production and handling costs for paper documents and checks. Second, we are working hard to provide our clients with printer supplies, that have minimal impact on the planet, including offering recycle programs and offering biodegradable printer supplies through our Printer Supplies Division (http://www.informdecisions.com/content_html/printer-supplies.asp)."

Arbor Day Foundation Alliance
In the 4th quarter, IFD forged an alliance with the Arbor Day Foundation (www.arborday.org), a leading conservation organization that protects and restores threatened forest resources. inFORM now participates in the foundation's Gift of Trees Program to provide trees for reforestation whenever a customer purchases an IFD paperless software product.

"It's amazing how much in alignment the goals of our Document Automation products are with the goals of the Arbor Day Foundation," remarked Ferrer. "It was a perfect choice for our client appreciation program, and early results indicate customers appreciate being part of the battle to save our forests."

Financials Company revenue and profits have steadily increased for the past three years. Operating savings from inFORM's program to go green resulted from changes in servers and PCs that lowered power costs plus a switch to telecommuting that dropped travel and commute costs. These and other benefits from going green generated improved gross margins, lower operating costs, less pressure on cash flow. This made more funds available for research and stepped-up product enhancements.

inFORM's president, Dan Forster, reported overall profits exceeded expectation by eight percent. Margins improved mostly because operating costs fell by fifteen percent. No reductions in staff occurred. "The lower operating costs grew strictly out of improved business operations stemming from a variety of activities," claimed Forster, "including our switch to virtual offices, VoIP phones, and the utilization of internet based software services. We could not afford to lose any of our highly-trained specialists that work in product development, due to the heavy customer demand for new features and enhancements."

Mike Donckels, National Sales Manager for IFD, adds "2008 without question was our best in recent years. Despite negative daily economic news, we found our clients and partners still actively identifying document automation needs and opportunities."

"Although we are treading cautiously at the moment," continues Forster, "business still seems to be tracking ahead of our conservative estimates, and we are pleased that our message of cost savings and workflow efficiency with paperless technologies is resonating; very pleased."
inFORM Decisions Products are broken into two primary product families:

Document Automation Family
iDocs Intelligent Administrative document processing engine
iForms Laser Forms Printing Module
iView Browser based document storage and retrieval
iFax Fax Report/Document Distribution Module
iMail Email Report/Document Distribution Module
iPDF Adobe PDF Generation natively on the IBM i Platform
SmartRouter        Intelligent filtering and distribution of Reports and Forms
iMap Graphical drag n' drop mapping of spool data
Designer Graphical design of forms

Banking Automation Family
iChecks Security M.I.C.R. laser check generation
Check-SecureRemovable, Programmable, digital signature printing device
ACH e-Payment   Electronic payment transmission
PositivePay Automated reporting program to secure check printing operations

For more information about how the company views the document automation market, how to reduce operating costs with document and banking automation, or how to reduce your organization's carbon footprint, contact Dan Forster at inFORM Decisions, 30221 Aventura, Rancho Santa Margarita, California 92688, email dforster@informdecisions.com or call 1.949.709.5838 x102.

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  • Clear focus: Document and Banking Automation
  • Loyal long-term customer relationships (over 10 years)
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  • Guiding development principles: ease of use, openness with other applications
  • Award Winning Software that is IBM Server Proven
  • 14 Years of customer service in Americas/Europe    
  • Save time, money and trees.

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