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APEX - Best Document Automation System

iDocs awarded EXCELLENT product recognition by Midrange ComputinginFORM Decisions' iDocs Wins the 2004 iSeries Apex Readers' Choice Award iDocs

News Release

-inFORM Announces Gift of Trees Program

inFORM Decisions Announces Gift of Trees Program with The Arbor Day Foundation to Support Reforestation

The Arbor Day Foundation will plant 10 trees in the name of each customer that orders inFORM's document or banking automation software.


  • inFORM Gift of Trees program is offered to all new inFORM customers
  • Sourced from The Arbor Day Foundation's Gift of Trees Program
  • Supports inFORM's commitment to restore damaged forests
  • inFORM produces software to eliminate paper in the office
  • inFORM is an IBM Business Partner and ISP for over 13 years.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, December 22, 2008 -- inFORM Decisions, leading provider of document automation and electronic banking solutions, announced it has joined the Arbor Day Foundation's Gift of Trees Program to provide for the planting of ten new trees each time inFORM concludes the sale of its Document Automation or Banking Automation software throughout the remainder of 2008 and 2009. This program supports inFORM's larger effort to recognize their customers by making a contribution to the restoration of scarce forest resources in the United States.

inFORM's commitment to The Arbor Day Foundation expands on their effort to take concrete actions to protect our nation's forests. For the past year, inFORM has included the message of going green in their articles, white papers and advertising. With this new Gift of Trees Program, inFORM is moving to a deeper level of commitment to help restore scarce forest resources and recognize organizations that are taking the step to go paperless.

inFORM Decisions was founded in 1994 to provide powerful utility solutions to address the growing need to efficiently manage paper workloads in all aspects of the enterprise. Benefits of saving time, money and trees have been realized by inFORM and its hundreds of customers around the world. Managing custom electronic forms and reports, imaging documents, and MICR check-printing have all generated strong consumer interest on the IT landscape, particularly during the current economic downturn.

inFORM provides this donation as an active member of the  Gift of Trees Program, run by the  The Arbor Day Foundation.

Dan Forster, President of inFORM Decisions, announced, "Our Green Policy includes a statement on: Support Leading Tree-Conservation Organizations. For any sale of our IFD paperless solutions, we are now meeting that commitment through our donations to The Arbor Day Foundation to pay for the planting of the trees in burned over forests."

The Arbor Day Foundation

Forest Stewardship Council

Native Forest Network

The Nature Conservancy
http://www.newsletter@tnc.org and  http://www.nature.org

The Common Sense Environmental Fund

The Audubon Society

The Wilderness Society

Forster reported, "Our solutions for eliminating office paperwork result in significant savings for the enterprise and relieve pressure on old growth forests that have been called the lungs of our planet because they convert carbon dioxide back into oxygen. Total global forests are estimated to have originally covered 15 billion acres and that has shrunk to 9 billion acres today. We all need to do whatever is possible to reverse that trend. And going paperless saves a lot of money rapidly."

inFORM's IFD Green Page provides many links to information to help organizations cut the use of paper and power to educe operating costs and protect the environment.

inFORM provides the following products within their two families of solutions to eliminate or make more secure paperwork in the back office:

Document Automation Family:

iDocs: Document Administrator (engine).provides menus and intelligence to manage, capture, define and distribute Document or Report applications in AS/400, iSeries, System i and Power System native environments.
iForms: Native laser forms generation module, offering necessary tools and menus to design forms, graphics, logos, signatures, map spool data, intelligent merge and output pre-defined printer output queues.
iMail: Send messages, business documents and spool file reports in easily-readable formats, including PDF, HTML, TXT, EXCEL, ZIP.
iFax: Host based, seamless and integrated electronic fax module to automatically fax reports and merged documents.
iPDF converts standard HP Laser Jet output (PCL) into commonly used Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format).
iView: Native document archive - retrieval solution performing content management functions to enable the capture, storage, indexing and retrieval of spool files, merged documents and scanned forms via a web browser.

Banking Automation Family:

iChecks: Secure, reliable and seamless MICR laser check printing systems which allow in-house, laser check printing operations.
Check-Secure: Programmable flash card insert and removed prior to and after sensitive check printing operations for secure check printing using an AS/400, iSeries, System i or Power System with LaserJet MICR printing.
ACH: Paperless funds transfer of electronic payments to company accounts, clients, vendors and employees.
Positive Pay: Electronic process enabling companies and banks to mutually increase their level of security for the check printing process.

All inFORM products run native on the operating systems for IBM AS/400, iSeries, System i and Power System servers.

For more information about going paperless and their Gift of Trees Program, contact Dan Forster at inFORM Decisions, 30221 Aventura, Rancho Santa Margarita, California 92688, call 949.709.5838 x 102, info@informdecisions.com.

About inFORM Decisions

inFORM Decisions (www.informdecisions.com) is a leading solution developer pecializing in document automation and electronic banking solutions for IBM's popular midrange computer
platform that includes the AS/400, iSeries, i5 and System i servers.
The company's founder, Dan Forster, was part of a team that introduced
the first implementations of AS/400 laser form, check, and printer
connectivity solutions for IBM midrange users in the mid-1980s. IFD was
one of the first IBM business partner software developers to implement
a comprehensive iSeries host-based e-document distribution system
powered by intelligent routing capabilities for fax, email,
archive-retrieve, and laser forms. The company's products are organized
into two product families, compatible with at least 33 popular brands
of application software.

Document Automation Family: This
integrated suite of solutions to go paperless; includes iDocsTM,
iMailTM, iFaxTM, iPDFTM Document Center and iViewTM.

Automation Family: These products support safe check writing and
electronic banking; includes iChecksTM, Check-SecureTM, ACH e-Payment
and PositivePayTM.

IFD is committed to the protection of our environment and has formulated an IFD Green Policy that can be accessed at  www.informdecisions.com/trees.

The company has been an IBM Business Partner since 1998. Reach inFORM Decisions at 30221 Aventura, Rancho Santa Margarita, California 92688; call 949.709.5838 x 102, info@informdecisions.com.

About Arbor Day Foundation

The Arbor Day Foundation is a nonprofit education and conservation organization of nearly one million members, with a mission to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. More information on the Foundation and its programs can be found at www.arborday.org.

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  • Save time, money and trees.

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