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iDocs awarded EXCELLENT product recognition by Midrange ComputinginFORM Decisions' iDocs Wins the 2004 iSeries Apex Readers' Choice Award iDocs

News Release

-inFORM Decisions is Named Americas Master Distributor for Adsero Optima Foundation Database Modernization for IBM i

Adsero Optima Foundation is a Non-Disruptive, Non-Invasive, Low-Risk Migration Tool To Native SQL Engine On DB2

Rancho Santa Margarita, California - (August 23, 2012) -inFORM Decisions, a leading provider of iSeries document and payment automation solutions, announces the expansion of its IBM i market presence into the area of IBM i database modernization. This is the result of being named North, South and Central America master distributor for Adsero Optima (AO) Foundation IBM i database modernization solution by South Africa-based TEMBO Technology Lab (Pty).

AO Foundation facilitates and automates the migration of all legacy (ISAM or DDS) databases to the latest DDL (SQL/SQE) implementation of DB2 on IBM i. It is the SQL database engine that is fundamental to true application modernization as it truly leverages all capabilities of the applications and the platform. In addition, database modernization can significantly improve application performance. Until the introduction of AO Foundation, migrating databases of legacy applications to the SQL engine had been labor intensive and downtime provoking because of the requirement to recompile programs. Companies can use surrogates, a form of database emulation, as an alternative but these can cause complications and you donít benefit from the performance improvements of true database modernization.

AO Foundation provides a low risk, non-disruptive exploitation of the native SQL database engine while removing the tedium and error-prone repetition out of upgrading to the SQL (SQE) engine. A major benefit of AO is the elimination of level ID (LVLID) changes during the initial DDS to DDL migration, which in-turn eliminates the need recompile application programs. This eliminates potential problems and many hours, if not days, of application downtime.

"We are fortunate to be part of this truly exciting opportunity to help application developers easily and rapidly modernize the database component of their applications," says Dan Forster, President of inFORM Decisions. AO Foundation, the core DB modernization tool from TEMBO Technology, not only improves application performance significantly but it allows the data in these applications to be easily utilized by external businesses analytics processes and other non-IBM i applications. But what is truly exciting is this unique set of tools will help ensure and expand the viability of the IBM i platform, and the careers that depend on it, because it makes it so easy and efficient for developers to modernizes the database, which now makes the data in these invaluable IBM i applications available to an array of external business processes."

Modernizing databases to the SQL (SQE) engine with AO Foundation provides a solid foundation for additional application modernization projects. In addition, the database now presents itself as a true component in a multi-tier architecture to external processes and applications, regardless of the platform. This "unshackling" of the database helps companies realize the full value of their legacy applications in a multi-environment, multi connector world.

Says Marinus van Sandwyk, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of TEMBO Technology Lab: "After evaluating a number of different, well-established USA-based IBM i software vendors, inFORM Decisions became the clear choice for us. Their longevity in the market, their reputation, their depth and breadth of technical staff, their distribution capabilities, and their enthusiasm for our technologies all added up to a great fit."

Adds Forster, "Our partnership with TEMBO presents a tremendous opportunity for inFORM to engage the IBM i market in a whole new way, yet this new initiative dove-tails well with our primary focus of modernizing documents and payments through automated, often paperless, processes."

About TEMBO Technology Lab (Pty) Ltd
TEMBO Technology Lab (Pty) Ltd is dedicated to unlocking value in IT investments by providing solutions in the application modernization space and improving efficiencies within IT development projects. The primary objective is to facilitate in the unlocking of existing value within an organization's software and infrastructure, assisting to maximize the return on investment of the current infrastructure. To learn more, visit www.adsero-optima.com.

About inFORM Decisions
inFORM Decisions specializes in providing native electronic document and payment automation solutions for IBM i, System i, AS/400, iSeries and IBM Power Systems. inFORM's acclaimed iDocs Suite make it easy to design, add intelligence, archive and/or intelligently distribute electronic documents, reports and checks to laser printers, fax, or email (in popular formats like PDF, Excel, RTF, HTML, TEXT and more). inFORM was one of the first IBM Business Partners to implement a comprehensive e-document distribution system powered by intelligent routing capabilities for fax, email, archive-retrieval and laser print. To learn more visit www.informdecisions.com or call 949.709.5838.

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