IFD wins with Casino and Gaming Document Management Solutions

Did you know we have over 30 gaming and hospitality customers who depend on iDocs to eliminate the complexity related to paper based forms? When iDocs is installed along with associated automation options (email, capture, archive, laser print, or fax), casino clients are able to quickly automate many popular casino applications. MCPress recently published our article inFORM Decisions Wins in the Gaming Industry with Document Automation and Management Solutions which details the success our gaming and hospitality customers have found when implementing our solutions. Read more and learn how longtime inFORM Decisions customers have reduced costs, streamlined document and report workflow, and received quick ROI.


Stepping up development and Social Networking initiatives

So, we’ve been busy this new year, working to improve a few departments. Two are getting some strong focus: software development and social networking (yep, we’re jumping on that bus too).

We’re not sure how many of our customers and partners are active on Twitter or Linked in, but we are certainly getting more active. Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and this blog! If interested, please follow us: twitter @informdecisions Linkedin facebook

We’re honestly still learning to be relevant in this new era of overwhelming, globalized, hi speed, hi tech communications… sputtered at first but I think we’re getting the hang of it. Please join any of the above and give us feedback, including this blog. We just want to do better.

Ok, on the development side, we have some significant improvements in our iMap product (a product we feel that will be a part of our future for years to come, as it captures, maps and converts datastreams and sends them in various directions, can and will do quite a bit more) Its faster, more accurate and supports more color capability.

iDocs – our flagship product has had the programming team going heads down the past 6 months on testing and QA of a number of advanced features including enhanced SmartRouting(tm), conditional processing, color, dynamic library support and more. We’ve added another layer onto our quality control, so we’re hoping to put out more bullet proof versions – we’re working on V6.1. Its challenging as many of you know in our business, as we are required to support dynamic output devices (fax, printer, outq’s with other capabilities), convert datastreams from one form to another, support multiple operating systems, multipe printing datastreams… its complex stuff. The advancements in recent years are far beyond where we ever expected 18 years ago when we developed a simple laser form to merge with spool file, celebrated and toasted our amazing achievement, and then went surfing. We don’t get to surf as much anymore.

Anyway, we’re excited to announce two powerful new partnerships with TEMBO in South Africa to market IFD products in their region of the world. And a new alliance with Data Storage Corporation who can provide offsite document storage, cloud, and protection facilities and services to facilitate and protect our clients document/information storage. We’re excited about both partners and possibilities.

As an FYI, we’re still taking orders for tax forms and envelopes for the 2011 tax season. I think by the end of this month, this winds down.

IFD will be attending the New England Users Group Conference from April 2-4th, and we have a booth at COMMON in Anaheim May 6th-9th. We’ll let everyone know more details as we come closer, or contact Alex or Orlando if you’d like to meet up with us.

Ok, I need to get back to work. Hope everyone had a nice New Year and Holidays. Dan Forster :)


IFD’s Customer – Partner Blog

Published on November 17th, 2011 by in Article

inFORM Decisions (IFD) endeavors to provide a vehicle for our customers, partners and prospects to fluidly and honestly communicate with our team. It is our objective to be transparent and we encourage you to be direct, and if possible, creative with your feedback for how or where IFD can improve. We realize if we just spin positive posts, and delete negative ones, participation will dwindle due to minimal value and credibility that this tool can provide to both of us. Serious positive change will come from us owning what is ours.

For those of you who are not familiar with us, briefly: inFORM Decisions (IFD) has been developing Document Automation and Management solutions since 1994 for Medium to Large organizations running in the IBM Midrange Arena – AS/400, iSeries, IBM i…    This is our world, this is our forte’.  IFD’s line provides everything from laser form printing, to MICR check printing, to report generation (bursting/sorting/bundling), to emailing documents (in various formats), faxing documents, to web-based archiving and retrieving documents intelligently. Lastly and importantly, we intelligently distribute these business documents and reports utilizing ALL of the above stated technologies, integrated together, on a page-by-page basis based on user defined conditions…   or what we call SmartRouting(tm).  Embracing the SmartRouting concept is where significant cost savings can be obtained and a message we continually espouse.

So with that introduction and small elevator pitch, we encourage you to post any questions, comments, issues, problems, ideas, recommendations, etc.

Oh yes, the first 5 of our software customers, partners or prospects to post to our blog will receive a Starbucks Gift Card.

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